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Big Brands Guarantee Quality and Latest Fashion

Big Brands Guarantee Quality and Latest Fashion

Brand vs no brand; has always been a matter of fashion debate. One the one hand, some of us feel that using branded products adds to our personality. One the other, some of us say that the real personality and character of a person are not to be judged by the branded products they use.

This topic has always been part of our dilemma. Therefore, it keeps coming up for group discussions for candidates to discuss and express their viewpoints. Here are some points in favor and some in against the topic. Read about some advantages of branded products and about some disadvantages of branded products.

Points in favor of the Topic

  • Big Brands need to maintain their brand image.
  • They aim for long-term customer loyalty hence are quality-oriented.
  • They have SOPs and have a uniform operation.
  • They reach economies of scale and are therefore able to afford quality.
  • They recruit industry experts to guide them through and deliver quality.
  • They inspect the products before letting them into the market.
  • They take care of the various aspects such as Fit, Finish, Durability, Serviceability, Reliability, Performance, and Features, etc of a product.
  • They have a close affiliation with the trendsetters; in some cases, they themselves are the trendsetters.
  • They have to stay competitive in the market and hence are up to date with the latest fashion.
  • They honestly communicate about their products.
  • The price is on the higher end which itself makes them highly valued and less accessible.
  • They have a well-qualified team of fashion forecasters .
  • They have an effective customer feedback system for getting information on perceived quality and customer expectations.
  • Brands like Zara provide fast fashion.

Points against the Topic

  • Big brands take customers for granted.
  • They enjoy the name they have built over the years and are not concerned about the quality.
  • They have some basic lines of products and are least concerned about the latest fashion.
  • Small brands and local companies are more efficient in popularising the trickle-up fashion.
  • New and small brands strive hard to make their place in the market and hence provide quality in lesser price.
  • Big brands get most of the products outsourced and hence it is difficult for them to keep track of the quality.
  • More price does not essentially mean better quality.
  • Big brands are not approachable and do not entertain small orders.
  • There are less customization and pre-defined output.

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